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Yaddyra Peralta is a poet stranded in Miami. Her poems have appeared in or are forthcoming in Ploughshares, Jai-Alai, Abe's Penny and Tigertail.


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Here are two of Beached Miami's photos of the Moore Building interior. During Nox, the audience stood and moved around the space, following the two dancers up to the second, then third, then fourth floor. The performance began with a dance and a droning score. Anne Carson’s pre-recorded voice came in after awhile and was then layered throughout. On the second level she and a collaborator drew child-like drawings on overhead projectors. At one point, maybe at the third level, a copy of Nox was dropped over a railing and onto the first floor. At the fourth level, the audience was seated and Anne Carson read from Nox live (the clarity after the somewhat obscured pre-recorded reading was a great relief…) Hearing her I remembered why I could not put the book down.

Stacks simply used the first floor space with the audience seated on white chairs in a rectangular formation around the dance space. (It almost looked like the audience at a fashion runway show.) Stacks of boxes of different sizes littered the dance space and four dancers danced and stacked and unstacked boxes and each other, knocked down stacks, making a mess to then end the performance by stacking all the boxes like a wall at one end of the space. This performance was shorter, brighter and cleaner. Anne Carson’s words were just as prominent as the dancing.

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